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Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria is the largest lake in Africa and the second-largest freshwater lake in the world, with a surface area of approximately 68,800 square kilometres. It is located in East Africa, bordering Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda.

The lake is named after Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom and was the major source of transportation and the trade for the region during the colonial period The lake support a rich ecosystem, with over 20 species of fish, including Nile perch, tilapia, and catfish.

The lake is also home to a variety of wildlife, including hippos, crocodile and over 400 bird species, such as the African fish eagle and the pied kingfisher. Lake Victoria is an important source of water for the surrounding communities providing drinking water, irrigation and fishing opportunities. Fishing is a major industry in the region, with many local communities depending on the lake for likelihoods. However, overfishing and pollution have threatened the lake’s ecosystem, leading to decline fish population and the spread of waterborne diseases Tourism is also an important industry in the region, with visitors coming to enjoy the lake’s scenic beauty and wildlife.

The lake is a popular destination for fishing, birdwatching and boat tours, with many resort and lodges located along its shores. Overall, Lake Victoria is an important and unique natural source in East Africa, providing vital resources in East Africa, providing vital resources and opportunities while also offering visitors a chance to experience the beauty and diversity of the region ecosystems

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