Visit Lake Victoria and its surrounding attraction for 17 days. Enjoy a self-drive safari while exploring Rubondo Island. See the highlights of unmatched wildlife, wildebeest calving, as well as predictor, catching their prey in Mara river. Visit the surrounding attraction like Ukerewe, Saanane Game Reserve, Bujoro Cultural centre, Bukoba, Musoma, and Lukuba island. A truly exciting self-drive adventure awaits. Start anywhere your self-drive safari in Tanzania for wildlife. This itinerary can be easily arranged with Mwanza as the starting point, with the advantage that the Serengeti road trip is generally cheaper to arrange from Mwanza than from Arusha.

For 17 days, visit Lake Victoria and its surrounding attractions. Lake Victoria is seldom travellers’ itineraries, but it’s a fascinating region with much to offer those who enjoy exploring away from the beaten track. It’s also easily combined with wildlife watching in Serengeti National Park, Saanane Game Reserve, Rubondo Island, Lukuba Island Ukerewe, Bukoba, and Musoma.

Following the exploration of central Serengeti, continue to the Western Corridor, which is especially rewarding around May and early June. Exit the park at Ndabaka gate, from where it’s an easy drive north to lively Musoma. Following several days of becoming acquainted with Musoma’s many cultures and enjoying sunrise and sunset views over Lake Victoria, drive south to Mwanza, with its low-key vibe and good facilities.

Continue west around the lake toward pretty, prosperous Bukoba and the heart of the ancient Haya kingdom. En route, don’t miss Rubondo Island National Park, with its magnificent birding. Once finished, connections are easy into Rwanda or Uganda.  Attractions you can visit while they’re in the city it’s self Mwanza and Saanane Game Reserve. Bujoro Cultural Center, Ukerewe, Rubondo and Lukuba Island. Book this trip[/cq_vc_timelinecard_item][/cq_vc_timelinecard]